Nowadays, it is very common to hear a guy saying or memorizing the best pick up lines. It is funny how guys feel so much pressure in trying to figure out the best way to approach a lady and they think that the pick up lines will help them out of it. Well, they bet because if they do not do well on the first approach, they would say goodbye to the chance of having a girlfriend or even just a one night stand. Men should not just only worry about their physique, but they should worry more about their ability to attract women through a good approach.

When it comes to the initial approach, it is important that you have a good game opener to be able to have a conversation with a girl. Some men are successful in using the best pick up lines that they know in order to get a girl's attention, but others don't. This is because other guys just do not have the guts to actually flirt with a girl. What they do not know is that pick up lines should not be the only weapon that you carry with you in the dating game, but also sexuality and physical attraction.

The purpose of having a good opening statement for a woman is getting her interest. Cutting the turf requires you to have a good opener like, opinion or situational or even the best pick up lines if you think it will work for you. But not just that. You would also require some good flirting technique to actually make that game opener more effective.

When you flirt, you do not only compliment the girl. You also need to have gear up sexual pressure around you. It is something to do with expressing sexuality in a manner that the girl would not if you are being truthful or not. You might need the great pick up lines to tease her and joke around lightly so you will be able to attract her and build indirect rapport within her self.

Using the cocky attitude is another thing that do well in building sexual pressure. It is a good thing if you can show a girl that you can also be tough and a little mean but in funny way. It helps if you argue with the girl for a bit during your talk and be silly, while keeping your tone in a fun way, so she will know that you are not really serious. You make sure that you remain cocksure but not being rude and arrogant that will automatically turn the girl off.

No pressure for you guys, but the first meeting is the most difficult stage in dating. The first meeting or approach is the opening or closing of your chances to dating, which means, if you are successful, you can go home with a girl or expect a second meeting. But if you don't, you might spend the rest of the days hoping for the next chance to come. If you do not want to screw up the first time, make sure you know you have the attractive personality, confidence and if you might need the best pick up lines, take it with you

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