Whatever pickup line guys intend to use, the best pickup lines get girls to be interested in you. Pick up lines are used to break the ice, impress, or simply to show attraction. They are also very important because they oftentimes are the ones that will allow a girl to formulate their first impression of you. There are so many kinds of pick up lines that are used. It is essential that you pick the right one in consideration of a variety of factors. The kind of girl, the place, and the time are just some of the major factors that you have to look into when you decide to throw those pick up lines.

Because these best pickup lines get girls to giggle, cheesy pick up lines are the best ones to use as ladies find it adorable in the guys attempts at humor just to get a girl to smile. The best ones that are very effective in picking up girls go “Are you a surgeon? Because you just took my heart away” and “If I get a nickel for every time that I see a beautiful girl like you, by now I would have had nine cents”. However, these classics are more effective than all other cheesy pick up lines. The line that goes “I seem to have lost my phone number. Can I have yours?” has already been misused and overused too much that it just does not work anymore.

If you wish to get girls to laugh; then make use of funny pick up lines such as “Is your dad a terrorist? Because you are the bomb” and “Mind if I stay here until I think it will be safe to go back to where I farted”. These lines will make you come off as a funny guy who wants and is always looking to have some fun. The line “Is your last name Gillette? Because you are the best a man can get” may have been a big hit when it first came out, but is not doing a good job of getting girls these days.

One of the effective romantic pick up lines that are used widely these days goes “Did it hurt when you fell down from heaven?” Another line that is just as good as the first one goes “Is your dad in jail? Because he stole the stars and placed them in your eyes”. If you want a girl to get weak on her knees, then romantic pick up lines are your best bet. However, you should steer away from using the old line that goes in the lines of “Are you tired? Because you have been running through my mind all day”

It is never a secret that guys who make use of pick up lines are mostly in to get girls to take home. The use of dirty pick up lines such as “Why do I have a pierced tongue? You will find out soon” and “how about you sit on my lap and we will see what pops up?” will surely send the message across that you are looking for someone to have a good time. Such pick up lines might not be the most wholesome ones but you should veer away from using “Do you come here often?” and similar ones.

Remember that you should pick up girls with class and not with crass. Keep in mind that there is only a very thin line in pick up lines that separates the rude from the disreputable ones. Whatever kind of pick up line that you decide to use, the best pickup lines get girls to want to hang out with you.

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