One of the questions I am asked more than any other is "Are pick up lines effective in order to meet women?" The use of pick up lines depend on the situation and place. It is proven to be effective when you are in a bar. It definitely works because you are just going up to the girl, and introducing yourself, and showing the confidence that you have. 

If a girl is vibrant and spirited, cheesy pick up lines can work out. One of my best friends walked up to a table of women, and he saw a girl and said "Excuse me, would you mind if I hit on you for a while?" She cracked up, and he actually ended up marrying her because she had a sense of humor about it. If the pick up lines you use are funny and filled with humor, they will surely work for your advantage.

If you are conversing with a lady and she no longer wants to talk to you, and she moves away or she rejects you, don't let this ruin your evening in the least. Actually, you should really expand it. You were able to go up to her and talk to her and that's a great thing. Remember, at the back of your mind, rejection is so much better than regret. You went for it, you went out there, you went out on a limb, and you spoke with her. You never need to wonder, "What if?" you got your answer. 

So what if she rejected you? It could have been for a million reasons; don't take it personally. She could've got fired from work that day, she could have a boyfriend she's still deeply in love with - there are a million reasons. Just buck up, look around the room, and find the next woman you are searching for, and go and talk to her.

Why do we transition? Consider how many times this has happened to you: You commence a conversation with a beautiful woman; things seem to be going great, she’s invested in your pick up line, she’s laughing with you, you feel like there’s real chemistry happening, after which, things stall. The energy dissipates. Out of nowhere, she loses interest. All of a sudden, as quickly as it began, you’re standing there alone.

What just happened? You failed to transition out of your pick up line into something else interesting. Women need their emotional states pumped through a range of emotions at all times, but specially when you first meet them. If you “milk your opener” (continue speaking about your opener for too long), women will get bored, associate you with their boredom, and abandon the conversation. 

Therefore, you have to get a new topic. Nevertheless, if you jump right into your attraction material, it will make the girl uncomfort¬able because you haven’t earned enough value yet to dive into a comfort building, get-to-know-each-other kind of conversation. Simply uttering a pick up line is not enough.

The secret is to bridge the space between approaching and attraction using a transition, which is most easily done with a statement based on something you notice about her or her group. You can think about it like a pendulum: When you walk up to the girl, the pendulum starts up to the left as you talk about something that’s on your mind. Then, as the pendulum swings all the way to the right, you have to switch gears, transition and speak about something connected to her.

Finally, when the pendulum swings back to the left, you’re ready to go into the attrac¬tion phase and talk much more about yourself again. After delivering a pick up line, you can utilize cold read, which is simply creating a guess about the women you’re speaking to, is usually the the easy way transition out of the opener. Observe something and comment on it. This can be done spontaneously, based on things you actually see and think are true, or you can use a prepared cold read because they lead to predictable responses that you can follow with ready-made jokes. The idea here is to transition from the approach with a cold read while disqualifying simultaneously.