The definition of love comes in different ways and saying it also comes in different style and even in love pickup lines. Does anybody know what love is actually? They say that love is and action and a feeling at the same time. When you do love, it will also produce the feeling of love. If you love, how do you know it and how do you show it?

Initially, you can recognize if you are in the level of "liking" a person. Then you should know if the person that you like is already with someone. If yes, then you should be patient enough to wait until they break up. If the person is single, you have to know if the person likes you too or not.

Saying "I love you" is done with the desire and passion to show the person not just your feeling but also the ability to love the person. You can say it through lovely pickup lines or plainly as long as it is true. The subject of love is very sensitive and important so once you say it, make sure that you mean it and that you are willing to do everything for the person that you love.

If you completely know the facts about love, you would also understand the whole meaning of the words "I love you". Love is different from infatuation and lust and you need to determmine that. You also have to ask yourself how it means to love a person. Love is interesting but it is also very sensitive that when it is wronged, it will end up in pain.

When you say I love you to someone, it can be done in different manners. You can either casually say "love you" in instant or regular situations. You can reserve the full "I love you" in intimate situation. You can also use love pickup lines like "you are the love of my life" in the most romantic moments when you want to show love and would not want to use the words "I love you".

If you say "love" word to someone, you make eye contact with the person. Eye contact shows sincerity and communicates trust. whether your faces are a few inches a part if you are standing meters away from each other, nothing compares to the feeling of saying the word with that special look in the eyes. It doesn't matter if love is expressed through love pickup lines or just simply "I love you" so long that you speak from your heart through your eyes.