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Terrible Pickup Lines as Ice Breaker

Posted by Chris Gomez on Monday, December 26, 2011, In : Worst Pick Up Lines 
Guys who use terrible pickup lines as conversation starter should not wonder why they get terrible reaction from women. The pickup lines are fund and effective in the movies because that is what they intend to be but it does not work all the time in real life. One of the biggest mistake that guys do is to think that hot girls are choosy and are not interested in meeting random guys. What is true here is that, women are not interested in hearing all the terrible pickup lines that guys copied f...

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Can Smooth Pick Up Lines Seduce Women?

Posted by Chris Gomez on Friday, December 9, 2011, In : Smooth Pick Up Lines 
It is almost freaky to think about how you are going to talk to a woman and you think about just using smooth pick up lines to tell her. You see a lovely woman over there and you want to approach her. You ask for your friend's advice about what to say to her. You sway yourself and then you deliver your pick up line but all you get is an "uninterested look" from her. What can you do then to make girls interested about you using words?

Typical guys often get rejection from girls they approach. I...

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