It is almost freaky to think about how you are going to talk to a woman and you think about just using smooth pick up lines to tell her. You see a lovely woman over there and you want to approach her. You ask for your friend's advice about what to say to her. You sway yourself and then you deliver your pick up line but all you get is an "uninterested look" from her. What can you do then to make girls interested about you using words?

Typical guys often get rejection from girls they approach. It is not because they are not rich, or they don't have a car or they do not have nice clothes. Women reject them because they do not know how to properly approach women with the right words. Here are three things that guys should learn in order to seduce women and get their attention.

The first thing is the use of situational conversational starter. Wherever you are, there must be an event or celebration that gathers the crowd. This fact is something that you can use to come up with a good and real smooth pick up lines, not those memorized one, to open up a conversation with a girl. You can allow the girl to exchange a conversation with you because you are in the same page and this bridges your gap.

The second thinng you have to remember is to just be yourself. You have to have the confidence and wit in carrying yourself. When talking to a woman, you have to demonstrate your self-worth by giving ideas and opinions that are relevant and will prove that you have a good character. This is how to talk to a girl you like and raise her curiosity about you.

Be funny. Women really like guys who can make them laugh. It sometimes requires you to have your cocky confidence in a funny way. You can try to tease her without making it obvious that all you actually want is to get in her pants. She will think that you are man that does not ask for her time and she would think of you as a mental challenge.

These are techniques that you can use every time you see an attractive woman. You can calm yourself and get your attention focused on posiible things that you can use to strike a conversation. Just do not overdo things and look very natural. You will understand that mastering your composure and way of talking to a girl is much more important in seducing women than just memorizing some smooth pick up lines.