Everyone has heard corny pick up lines for girls, and it is likely that they have utilized them also. What exactly is incredible is the fact that people keep using these lines at all. However, for most guys, the task of approaching a woman with the intent of asking her out is daunting beyond belief. 

For illustration, the same guy who can carry sacks of concrete all day, run a jackhammer, and tell a loudmouth to observe his language while in front of women and children, will suffer all his nerve when he spies a lady that he desires to ask out. The thought of walking as much as her can make his legs weak, and also the thought of actually speaking to her makes the color run out of his face. This is the same guy who could probably spar a few rounds in a boxing ring without even perspiring, but just thinking about speaking to the woman of his dreams makes him break out in a cold sweat.

Tip #1 They are the pick up lines for girls that men think are time tested, and men know these pick up lines for girls inside and out, frontward and backward. By plucking one of these simple pick up lines from the Rolodex of his mind, the man is taking out the risk of exposing his true nature and feelings when asking a woman out. If the woman rejects a man who has just used a ridiculous pick up line, the man can feel as though she is rejecting the line, and not himself. They can come back to his table and tell his friends that the great line they gave him did not work. That makes it their fault, and not his. However, by approaching a woman and speaking from the heart, a man fears that not only will he stutter, but if he is rejected, it will as the woman doesn't like him, and never the fishing line he used.

Tip #2 In reality, some guys are so frightened of asking a female out, which they even feel susceptible using a pick up line. There are men that have taken the fear of rejection, and steeled themselves against it by just walking up to the woman they are interested in, dropping a business card on the table, and muttering that she can give him a call at work sometime. Not only are women delay by the audacity and lack of class that that move shows, nevertheless they will wonder why the man wants them to call hime constantly and work, and not at home. The girl may go through as though she is being carpet bombed by a B-52 aircraft. She is going to think that the man just scatters business cards upon mass levels of women and waits so that you can pick up the phone to call him...at work, no less. One has got the feeling that people are calls that he will wait for forever, without once hearing the phone ring.

Tip #3 Most people are knowledgeable about a few of the more corny pick up lines that guys use, such as asking the woman if her father was a thief, and when she replies that he is not, but why is she being asked, the guy will reply by proclaiming that he asked because her father stole the stars from the skies and put them into the woman's eyes. A different tacky line that is time tested, but not for success, is when a man walks up to a woman and asks her where she is from. When she replies, the man feigns surprise, and says he thought that she was from Nashville. 

Tip #4 When the woman asks why, the man will look across the room, and then say, because you are the only ten I see. There is a charming line, however, that is silly, yet disarming, and has yet to be worn out. The man walks up to the woman and tells her that she must be very tired. When she asks him why he says that, he tells her, simply because you have already been running through my mind all night long. In fact, this line is so silly that it may evoke a laugh, rather than revulsion, and a laugh is one of the best first steps a man can make with a woman. If the woman laughs, then the man can tell her he is aware how silly the line is, and then express his initial discomfort in approaching her. He will be able to admit, in all truthfulness, that he knew of no other way to approach her than with that silly line. That is when the woman will probably tell him that the best way is to you should be himself, which is true. The reason why honesty is the best policy when you are approaching a woman is because if you are sincere, and are being yourself, and she likes you, you will never have to be a phony to keep her enthusiastic about you.

Corny Pick Up Lines

Are you busy tonight at 3:00 A.M.?

Do you come here often?

Can I borrow a quarter? ["What for?"] I want to call my mom and tell her I just met the man/woman of my dreams. OR: I want to call your mother and thank her.

My wife doesn't understand me.

Girl, you must be tired 'cause you've been running through my mind all day!

Do you believe in love at first site, or should I walk past you again?

I'm a math teacher. One plus two equals me and you.

Do you have a band-Aid? Cos I just scraped my knee falling for you.

If I said you had a great body, would you hold it against me?

You're so beautiful; your birthday should be a national holiday.

Do you like karaoke? We could make some beautiful music together.

(Singing) Did you ever see a dream walkin'?

Baby, you must be a broom, cause you just swept me off my feet.

Am I dead, Angel? Cause this must be heaven!

I'm your uncle Jon. Your daddy told me to give you a ride home.

A lot of people think Scientology is a cult but that's not true. In fact, I want you to come to a meeting with me tomorrow to prove it. No I insist, you will come to the meeting tomorrow! You don't want the Thetans to eat your soul do you?

Help, somethings wrong with my eyes - I just can't take them off you.

If I could rewrite the alphabet, I would put U and I together.

The body is made up of 90% water and I'm thirsty.

Hey, baby! What's happening!

There must be something wrong with my eyes, I can't take them off you.

Do you have a map? Cos Honey, I just keep gettin lost in your eyes.

You're eyes are bluer than the atlantic ocean and baby, I'm all lost at sea.

(As she is leaving) Hey aren't you forgetting something? She: What? Me!

There must be something wrong with my eyes, I can't take them off you.

Are there any more like you at home?

Don't let me be the one that got away!

Your name is Susan? Can I call you Susie? (Yes) Great, what's your number? (No) Then you call me!

Hubba! Hubba! Hubba!

Do you have a map? I just keep on getting lost in your eyes.

If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put U and I together.

If you were a new hamburger at McDonald's, you would be McGorgeous.

I'd like to give you CPR!

People call me Isaac Hayes; can I give you the shaft?

Tonight's the night, right?

I'm a raindrop, and I'm fallin' for you!

Do you have a map? Cuz Honey, I just keep gettin lost in your eyes

Do you have a Bandaid? Cos I just scraped my knee falling for you.

I must be lost. I thought Paradise was east of here.

Baby, baby, I'm fallin' in love, fallin' in love again.

That shirt is very becoming on you. Although if I were on you I'd be coming too.

Do you think I could borrow that dress sometime?

Did it hurt? S/he: Did what hurt? When you fell out of heaven?

Hi, I'm the new Milkman. Do you want it in the front or the back?

(Gray-haired person says): There's snow on my roof, but fire in my furnace.

You're once, twice, three times a lady.

Bond. James Bond.

Girl, you gotta be tired coz you been runnin through my mind all day.

Are you a parking ticket? 'cause you got fine-fine-fine written all over ya.