If you have been dating for some time then you are familiar with all types of pickup lines include dirty pick up lines. These naughty pickup lines are really intended to shock and surprise women. There are even guys who believe that women are not going to respond to this type of pickup lines. She is most likely going to react when she hears such pickup lines being thrown at her.

But the question is, will she get offended or simply walk past you. It can be quite difficult to tell because there are women who will also laugh and get back at you with dirty response too. The naughty remarks from her may caught you by surprise and leave you speech, so it is better to be prepared for it. It could also be an indication that it is going to be a fun evening for both of you.

Generally, whenever a guy uses these dirty pick up lines, he may be in for an exciting evening. It is because you are uncertain on the possible result that may happen. You need to be confident when you deliver these dirty pickup lines for more impact. It is important to know when, where and on whom do you plan to use these pickup lines.

Carefully observe your surroundings to know whom are you going to use this type of pickup lines. You may get slapped on your face in case she gets offended or even worse she may have you arrested for harassment.. You have to test the water first to make sure that the person you plan to use these pickup lines are receptive of them. If she gets offended by your remarks, extend your apologies immediately. You would not want her to file a case of sexual harassment against you. You cannot just simply use these pickup lines randomly to any woman that you meet.

Know the most ideal place where you can use these dirty pick up lines. Bars and clubs are the best venue to use these pickup lines. However, do not attempt to use these pickup lines in posh clubs. These pickup lines are intended to be used in bars and clubs to prevent any problem.. You can easily get away with using these pickup lines.. A woman waiting for her turn in grocery line will certainly not appreciate this gimmick.. Y ou need to choose the perfect place to use these pickup lines.

Timing is also very important especially when it comes to using these dirty pickup lines. Again, timing is very important especially if you are going to use pickup lines. Once again, let us go back to the woman at the grocery store. The grocery check out line is not the right place to throw the dirty pickup lines. If you meet her once again but this time you are both in the bar; she is out there dancing until she suddenly collapsed. You should need to observe if the environment is ready for some naughty pickup lines.

You need to use these pickup lines in a thousand and one way. It is safe to presume that you will not be abe to have a long term relationship if you use these dirty pickup lines.