Whenever guys hear the word “boyfriend”, they tend to back out and move on to the next available girl. Boyfriends are a bit overrated, if the girl has a boyfriend it does not mean that you do not stand a chance and the pick up lines to use on girls will not get you anywhere. But this should not be the case; you should not worry about them. In fact, it makes things a lot easier for you. It is because you are not competing with hundreds of new guys who want to meet her. The competition boils down between you and her boyfriend, thus it is a lot easier for you to capture her interest.

You can still use some corny or romantic pickup lines to steal her from her boyfriend. Women use the "b" word just to filter or screen the guys who are trying to approach her. This is a good way for girls to determine if you are confident enough to stick with her even if she mentioned that she already has a boyfriend.

You can open her by using powerful pickup lines to show your confidence and sense of humor. Corny and cheesy pickup lines will make her smile but you have to make sure that you are not going to use one of those dirty pickup lines on her. When using funny pickup lines she may react by giving you a playful punch on the arm as she laughed at it. Then you can change topic by asking her questions that would make her boyfriend seem irrelevant in your conversation.

Now that you have started a conversation with her, there are several things that you need to remember. In case she really has a boyfriend, you would not be in the bad light if you will:

Avoid bashing her boyfriend. It is because if she really has a boyfriend and you are bad-mouthing the guy; she will come to his defense. Bashing her boyfriend will make her anchor bad feelings for you, so never do it! If she starts bashing her boyfriend, you do not need to second it. If you include her boyfriend in your conversation, there is no way you can get rid of him.

Comparing yourself to her boyfriend is not a good move. Attempting to convince her that you are much better than her boyfriend will do you no good. Simply show her that you are one hell of an amazing guy without mentioning her boyfriend. There is no reason for you to tell her that you are the better alternative. Just let her judge you based on how she sees you, so show her the best of you.

Tell her that she deserves the best guy in a subtle way. During your conversation make her imagine that you do fun adventures together. Tell her that you can try doing this and that together and it will be more fun. By constantly doing this, she will be convinced that you can do fun and exciting things together.

During your conversation, you can try using some romantic pickup lines this time. These romantic and sweet pickup lines will certainly make her blush especially now that she knows your intention of going out with her. If you know how to choose and deliver the right pickup lines for girls, she will see that you are a romantic and funny guy too. You can use some of the pickup lines that you see over the internet, just tweak them to make them original. If you deliver these pickup lines uniquely, you may still capture her attention despite the fact the she already has a boyfriend. Click here