Guys who use terrible pickup lines as conversation starter should not wonder why they get terrible reaction from women. The pickup lines are fund and effective in the movies because that is what they intend to be but it does not work all the time in real life. One of the biggest mistake that guys do is to think that hot girls are choosy and are not interested in meeting random guys. What is true here is that, women are not interested in hearing all the terrible pickup lines that guys copied from the movies or the internet. In some ways, pickup lines would work but understanding the method of the right way to approach a woman is what every guy should focus on.

It is quite absurd that most guys rely on pickup lines only because they are afraid or to approach and talk to a girl. For them to be able to get through the initial stage of approach, they use the terrible pickup lines because they think that they will work. Guys even think twice about talking to a woman because they think that they just cause annoyance and bother. That is not just true because girls are really open in talking to guys because like you, they also want to "mingle" and find a "good catch". If you are not creepy, lame, a jerk, a bastard, or stupid, any woman would love to talk to you so you should always remember that.

when you talk to women, you should remind yourself not to look so tensed or scared because in return, you will just scare the girls away. Confidence is imporant but do not overdo it by being too forward or sexual. Even if it is not that serious, being sexual on the first approach will make the women feel disrespected. And another major thing, you shall not use worst pickup lines if you don't want to be slapped.

Men can talk about anything under the sun and expect a "neutral" to "positive" response from women provided they will not do the things mentioned above. A few reminders should be considered, like doing away with a yes or no question because this will lead the conversation to nowhere. You must use open-ended question to encourage the girl to talk more. Also, do not bore the girl by asking where she lives and what she does for a living.

One thing that most women love is giving out their opinions. Girls love to be asked about anything so if you want her to talk to you, you can just makes up any topic that will let her give her thoughts like about the nice brands for clothes or shoes or jewelries. You can also talk about anything present in your location like music, drinkc, books, or art or the pop culture and not merely hitting on terrible pickup lines. It is important that the girl can relate to the topics that you are talking about because this is the key for you to have a deeper conversation or even more.

Practicing these methods will help you build your confidence in dealing with women. Even if you receive some rejections, you should not stop because this is your key to master approaching women and overcome your shyness and doubts. You have to meet more women to increase you chances of getting the girl that you really want. If you keep doing this, approaching any hot girl would no longer be a problem and you might use the terrible pickup lines effectively in your own way.

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