Generally, men use pick up lines for girls in order to start a conversation. These pickup lines often act as conversation icebreakers between you and that beautiful lady sitting at the bar. Some girls can be wooed by using pickup lines but others don't. However, many of these pickup lines are overused and abused. There are instances when pickup lines become deal breakers instead of icebreakers.

There are all sort of pickup lines to use on girls that men can choose from in order to start a conversation. There are cheesy pickup lines, funny but romantic pickup lines and there are naughty pickup lines too. I think these offensive pickup lines are the worst thing that guys can ever tell a girl. Such conversation openers should never be used on girls.

"Do you want me to buy you a drink or you want me to give you the money?" If you will think about it carefully, this pickup line is very distasteful to use on girls. It implies that you see her as an easy prostitute that you are trying to hook up with. Although most women want to feel desirable and attractive but this pickup line will make her feel that you are hiring her services. If you use this pickup line on her, she will certainly feel this way. It is better not to use this pickup line even in jest, if you really want to meet an attractive woman.

Hi there, what's up? Guess What? This is your lucky day.. Out Of All The Girls Here, I Picked You To Talk To.” - Women are attracted to guys with confidence, but you have to remember that there is a thin line between confidence and cockiness. You have to make sure that you know the difference between the two. If you feel like that you are heaven sent to her, then you will certainly break the deal. Using offensive pickup lines will make you miss the opportunity of dancing with the pretty lady on the dance floor.

Your last name is Gillette, right? Simply because you're the best a man can get..” - Some guys think that using TV advertisement slogans as pick up line is cute. But in reality, you are actually just wasting your time. Do not ever think that these catch phrases are pretty cool because they are not. It simply gives her the impression that you are watching too much TV. Do not give her the impression that you are not occupied with other important stuff hence you can watch too much TV.

Using pickup lines to open a conversation is really not a good way to do it, because not all women are impressed by these pickup lines. Worst pick up lines are those she had heard before and those which are not original. If you approach an attractive woman armed with the bad pickup lines, she would certainly think that you lack self-confidence to simply come over to her and say hello. Worst pickup lines is certainly not the best approach you can do to any woman that you want to meet. Do not use these worst pick up lines for girls if you want to sleep with a woman or get a girlfriend.