Some guys go crazy finding the funniest pick up lines from all sorts. Guys know that being funny is the smartest way to catch a woman's eyes. That is actually true but it is completely idiotic to think that the funnies pick up lines are the solution to that. Well, it could be true that the lines can induce laughter but it would not guarantee you getting the woman that you want. There are some misconceptions about humor that guys should know about.

Before getting to the topic of humor, guys should first know that it is important to value women with regards to their emotional stance. Women need to be understood because they are as emotional creatures. More than your looks and your money, more often than not, the way you make her feel is a big deal. If you are able to show her that you are you care about what she feels then that get her attention.

Speaking of emotions, the number one way to create it is through humor. Using humor does not necessitates you to be funny or memorize all the funniest pick up lines. Humor is actually a natural way of fun through positive outlook and taking pleasure to make the people around you go happy and smile and actually have a good time. It is now the time to stop thinking of yourself as not a funny being because there are some things that you do not know yet about humor and this requires your attention.

The basic and the most original way of using humor is your precious smile. Everytime you flash a smile, you brighten up the mood of the people that you meet and it enhances your physical features. The smile should go along with your positive aura. In your life, you have to stay positive and feel good about yourself so that you will be able to extend this positivity to other people.

It is also important that you know how to have fun with your own state of mind. Be resourceful and find fun in everything that you do to encourage other people to have fun with you too. Then last but not the least, you have to engage and chat with the people that surround you which could be (or not) about the funny pick up lines that you know. When you share your positivity and fun with them, you are also able to share your humor. 

Having the sense of humor is actually a positive attitude that most people fail to understand, and this is an important reminder for guys. Girls like guys who know how to carry themselves and who knows how to drive any conversation because this implies you have a positive attitude towards life. Remember all these stuff about humor and apply it everyday. The next time you see the girl that you like, you surely would not need the funniest pick up lines, but instead, just attract her through your humor.