There is no need for a guy to worry too much about what to talk about with a girl or any romantic pick up lines during first approach. The thing here is to be able to have a good opening statement to catch a girl's attention. Opening the talk is the first step in getting the woman that you want. There are two ways to open up a conversation with a girl.

One way of getting a girl's attention is using neutral openers. This has something to do with commenting about any thing that you can see around the place. It could be about the event, the clothes, or whatever you can see that the girl is carrying. This is something that you can use to ask her and allow her to give her opinion and reason. 

Do not use the predictable lines you can hear from ordinary guys. You have to think of something that is really attention-grabbing. You can comment on how beautiful her shoes are and ask her about what she thinks about you getting your friend a gift for her birthday. This is nothinng like any romantic pick up lines. All you have to do is to keep it natural and easy.

Another fun tactic that you can use to get the girl you want is using a flirty opening. If you have the guts and wit to approach the girl with some implication of yoour sexual interest, go ahead. This really works best if you have exchanged looks and smile with that girl beforehand. All you need to do now is make the first move to get to know her.

Since these are "flirty" statements", it can be appropriate to use it on any party venue. This is a way to fire up the flames of romance. You can use the lines like "I can't help to notice how beautiful you are on that dress" which should not sound like any romantic pick up lines. Upon saying this, you can then put some add-ons to start a conversation.

Approaching a girl for the first time is nothing to be sorry or apologetic about. You are a man and you have the right to take control over the situation. You just keep up with your confidence and your positive aura and show off you are a fun and exciting guy. So when you lack of any romantic pick up lines, these are effective way to use in getting the girl that you want.