Striking a dialogue with a girl can be a struggle for several guys. Nonetheless, some men resort to cute pick up lines to stir up an interaction with a woman which they find beautiful and spectacular.

Making use of cute pick up lines can work properly to break the ice and start a dialogue. In contrast, they could also spell tragedy if used wrongly. It is important that prior to deciding to use cute pick up lines, you should consider the benefits and drawbacks when using cute pick up lines for girls.

Benefits of Pick Up Lines

The reason why guys turn to cute pick up lines is that it is among the most simple way to open up a dialog. If a guy is tense and very anxious, he cannot consider anything to say, a pick up line may be better than having nothing to say at all. It allows men to start a conversation with a girl, but it can have yield various effects. 

If the line is funny, you may make the girl laugh. Then, you can simply shrug off the pick up line, apologize for its sleaziness, and direct the conversation in another topic. That is one lot easier than beginning an interaction on your own. Even so, not every pick up lines are humorous. 

If you utilize cute pick up lines that have elements of compliments, you may make the girl feel really good about herself and how she looks. Most women like to feel good, and as long as the line is not too unrefined, she may savor the compliment. This can be a good way to express yourself without having to write a long and romantic poem or rely on your own words. 

Before using pick up lines for girls, you should ascertain the personality of the girl immediately you will be speaking with. Some girls are expecting compliments, and they may appreciate a line that tells them how beautiful they are regardless of how cheesy it is. Other girls have a great sense of humor, and they may appreciate a line that makes them laugh. 

As an alternative, if they have a good sense of humor, they may like a line that makes you look goofy. A girl that looks really smart may appreciate a line that references political views or a classic literary book. As long as you match the line to the girl, you increase the chances that it will be successful for you. 

Disadvantages of Pick Up Lines

When you are planning to use pick up lines, you should choose the lines correctly it to be successful. Unfortunately, this is one of the most challenging task. It is hard to tell what will offend her or what will make her laugh. We all have a different sense of humor. 

For example, if you opted to say a classic crass line just to make her laugh, she may actually find it offensive. Some women may laugh immediately if you ask them if there is a mirror in their pocket. Other women may have not heard that line before. When they ask why you are asking about a mirror, you can only tell them that you saw yourself coming. Some women will laugh at this point while others may walk away disgusted. Thus, it is better to pick a line that is cute rather than crass. However, there's a risk in every pick up line.

Examples of Cute Pick Up Lines

When you meet a girl, you can try any of the following lines. They are pretty cute, and none of them are too offensive:

Hi, I have realized that you look just like my future girlfriend. 

Do you know CPR? I really hope you do because you took my breath away.

Hey, I hope that you have a license because you are driving me wild. 

If you were on the dollar menu at McDonalds, you would be the McGorgeous. 

By chance do you work as an interior decorator because you make the room look more beautiful? 

Hi, I am a robber, and I am going to steal your heart. 

Just to be nice, I thought I would give you the satisfaction of saying no to me so go ahead and say no. 

Are you from outer space? Really? You have just abducted my little heart.

The night is just starting, the moon is shining bright, and you are here with me this night. 

Heedless of where you are, you can use any of these cute pick up lines. They may help you to meet your future girlfriend, or they may get you laughed or slapped at.