Different types of pickup lines are not only meant to use on girls; in fact even women can throw those sweet pickup lines on men. Not all women use pickup lines to meet guys; a lot of men will find it unbelievable that ladies will deliver these pickup lines. Generally, whenever girls want to attract men they would simply smile at them or say hi, but rarely would they use pickup lines on men. Women can choose different types of pickup lines to use on guys; there are sweet pickup lines, funny and dirty pickup lines too.

Sweet Pickup Lines to Use on Guys

When a guy hears any of these sweet pickup lines from a lady; there is no doubt that it would plaster a smile on his face. Most of the time it will leave them speechless. The way the guy responds to these pickup lines will show whether or not he is respectful to women. Below are examples of sweet pickup lines that women can use in approaching men.

-May I borrow your phone? I promised my ex boyfriend that I will give him a call once I found someone better than him.

-You can kiss me if I made the mistake, you are John aren't you?

-Did you just went out of the oven? Boy, you sure are hot!

-Hey, I just realized that you look a lot like my next boyfriend.

-Please help me sweetie, because my lips would not just kiss themselves.

Cool and Funny Pickup Lines to Use on Guys

Guys love women with a good sense of humour; it is good to use funny pickup lines instead of the sweet pickup lines. Women who have the courage to use these funny pickup lines will show the sense of humor that they have. Whenever girls initiate the first move, it makes the atmosphere more relaxed and laid back. Generally, guys will respond politely and it could be an opportunity to begin a small talk. It takes a lot of talent and skill to use these pickup lines successfully.

-You are just the way I like my coffee. Tall, black and strong!

-Do you have a quarter? I have to call my ex boyfriend and inform him I found someone better.

-Just what I thought made in heaven. (Say this to him as you reach for the back of his shirt and check its label)

-Next to sunburns, you are the next hottest thing. (You have to make sure that you use this pickup line to a really hot guy.)

-I can do palm reading, I can read that you are going to call me soon. (Do not simply grab his hand because guys are turn off with aggressive women, )

Sleazy and Naughty Pickup Lines to Use on Guys

A woman who can pull off these sleazy pickup lines is definitely every man’s dream. These dirty pickup lines can be delivered in classy way. The breathless sound quality is not the right way to do itl women can use natural voice for more impact. Do not spoil these pickup lines by laughing at them because they are supposed to be sleazy and naughty pickup lines.

-You have been a naughty boy, now go to my room! (Be stern when you deliver this to create an impact)

-I lost my teddy bear; will you sleep with me tonight?

-Oh-uh, I lost my virginity, can I have yours? (Make sure you do not fumble when you deliver this pickup line)

-Oh, I am sorry; I thought that was a Braille name tag. This is perfect if you want to be a little touchy

-I am feeling a little off today, I wish you can turn me on. To make it more convincing you should slump your shoulders too.

Flirting is not only for men. Waiting for guys to approach you may take forever, so if you are gutsy enough to make the first move; by all means do it! Guys would certainly flirt back with women and ask them out. Women who used these sweet pickup lines for men were quite successful with their goal.