A lot of men have the tendency to resort to sweet pick up lines when approaching a girl. It is common for men to question themselves on whether they are doing the right approach. While there is an infinite amount of things to say to a woman such as a very sweet pick up line, you cannot say any of them unless you were able to break the ice.

When you approach a woman or a group of people, you have to evaluate what type of opener is best for the situation: indirect, direct, situational, screening, functional, no opener, humorous or sweet pick up lines. All types of openers have their positive and negative effects. There is a tendency that she will be uncomfortable if you have not establish the connection first.

Openers such as sweet pick up lines provide an avenue to start a conversation. They do require you to work harder during the transition phase though and they can come across as awkward during daytime dating (aka “Day Game”). Direct openers work less often, but when they do, your value starts off high because the woman has accepted your initial frame.

Direct openers can be used succesfully in a less crowded area. But can come across as a cliché in a nightclub if you are not prepared to quickly follow with a good transition. There are times that you do not need a opener especially if the woman was introduced to you. If you are in a romantic setting just like a fine dining restaurant or a high-class hotel, romantic and sweet pick up lines are suitable to use.

It is important that when you say something to a woman, seducting and attracting are not the end-goal. You simply want a conversation and work on it from that point. Your just starting a conversation. Moreover, using sweet pick up lines is not the only approach you can do. There are many ways to approach a beautiful woman not just by saying a sweet pick up line.

The opening line is just the start of the conversation, although it is important, the things you said afterward matter most. Take it one-step at a time. Approaching is important, but maintaining the converation is more crucial. It is typical for people to converse a lot, even with a stranger. That is why you do not have an excuse to be shy and timid. If you have women in your life, it should be natural for you to talk to attractive wom¬en when the mood strikes you. If you unreasonably timid and shy, this will show up when you talk to a girl.

If you find yourself freezing with approach anxiety, this is usually because you fear rejection. Rejection is not a big deal either. The more you experience rejection, the more your confidence will come out. when you were rejected, she is not rejecting you but rather your lame approach. One of the best ways to reduce approach anxiety (and the chance of rejection) is to put yourself in a social mood by doing warm ups. Moreover, rejection is more imminent if you resort to sweet pick up lines, a girl may feel uncomfortable with such approach.

Go make small talk with other people in the room, befriend one of the employees of the venue, or even pick up your cell phone and have a fake conversation with someone named “sweetie.” These framing techniques are highly effective in stationing yourself as a worthy partner. It is a common notion for women to like a man if other girls are attracted to him. You should be knowledgeable with various topics to be effective in maintaing the conversations, don't just rely on romantic pick up lines.

When the time comes that you are more familiar in approaching a girl, you will realize that it is not hard at all. As long as you actually start one and follow up with good tran¬sition and attraction material. There is no need to rely on sweet pick up lines to approach women.